Software Development Intern

Summer 2017
Turing Group, Chicago, IL

Overhauled the user interface and the backend data models of an electronic medical records system written in ES6 JavaScript with AngularJS, and Python with MySQL and MongoDB. Used Agile software development methodologies, Git for version control, and JIRA for project management.

Junior Network Administrator

Summer 2016
Evanston Township High School, Evanston, IL

Performed network infrastructure upgrade in a 1.2 million square foot building. Mapped the locations of Ethernet jacks, installed wireless access points and security cameras, and tested cable runs

Information Technology Intern

Jan-May 2016
Evanston Township High School, Evanston, IL

Repaired hardware and fixed software issues with students’ school-provided Google Chromebooks in the school’s “Chrome Zone.”


Summer 2014
inFocus Payroll, LLC, Evanston, IL

Supported Owner-Operator in streamlining internal processes, such as onboarding clients. Researched and helped make decisions for the company, such as finding the best and most cost-effective Software as a Service solution for Customer Relationship Management.


PROS Ecosystem - Open source development environment integrating an Atom package, a Python-based command line interface, and a FreeRTOS-based kernel that facilitates C programming on the ARM Cortex M3-based VEX Cortex microcontroller.
x64 Discord Chatbot - A chatbot for the Discord webchat client, written in Golang, that makes use of the Stanford Part-Of-Speech Tagger to learn from what people say, and then uses that knowledge to attempt creating sentences of its own.
FuriDown Markdown Processor - Plugin for Jekyll that allows you to add furigana (or pinyin) text to your site using Markdown.

Skills & Proficiency







Git Version Control System

Unix/Linux Environments